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"I observe and then I dream ..." what I see appeals to me ... Everyday, what meaning to give to everything around me? A sketchbook in my bag, at noon, at the coffee break, an overheard discussion and an idea, a vision emerges. I quickly put it on paper.


This is how it all started. There are things to say, everyone can perceive them in their own way. The message is there, in the first, second or third degree. Come back and review again and again ... rediscover yet another vision of things. This is my outlet, which allows me to move forward. I open a door to my intimate reflections, whoever wishes can go in there and pursue his own ...

History, antiquity, mythology, thought ... but also the great outdoors, discoveries ... my inspiration comes from this need for permanent knowledge. All knowledge brings its associations. Understand how our world was built and imagine its future. All very different areas, and yet there are so many links that are created for me in this so eclectic mass of information. This way of feeling gives me the most beautiful gift ... imagination and creativity. It is a project which is therefore endless. It remains to follow me in the different works presented.

I am the mother of two boys, Achille ,Charly. We live with my husband in the far south of Belgium in Messancy. I have been working as a Business BI Analyst in Luxembourg for 20 years. Creating allows me to recharge my batteries for all of mine. And this is essential for me to feel in balance. Then again and again I will feel the need to create and share it. I only use my personnal photos for all compositions.


After training as a graphic designer and photography, I turned to computer programming. But the creative passion has never left me. I take advantage of our photography trips and use all these different materials for my other creative works. Photography has taken a big place for years, I was missing a facet. It is with photomanipulation that allows me to answer it ...

ARRET CULTURE  TVLUX - N°97 - Interview 

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